Tara Moses 

Tara Moses is a director, playwright, artistic director, advocate, beadwork artist, and consultant. She is a founding member of 10 Names of Note, a collaborative group of international directors; Unsettling Dramaturgy, a project supported by the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas; and affiliated artist with Groundwater Arts.

As a director and playwright, she has made it her artistic mission to utilize her diverse skill set to educate, inspire, and challenge audiences to make change and more importantly, to uplift diverse artists and their stories.

As a citizen of the Tusekia Harjo band of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma with Mvskoke ancestry, much of her work is about celebrating culture, ritual, and community. She uses these values to allow audience members to become active participants in dynamic storytelling. Her work explores challenging the American Dream with the American Reality through an intersectional lens of color. She creates work that educates about intersectionality and the audiences' roles in it, provokes conversations about their own behaviors, and inspires change in their prospective homes and communities because societal changes comes after change in the individual. Being brutally honest, using tactile techniques, and provoking evocative thoughts are her guideposts. People of color, resilience and resistance, and the current political climate are her muses. Playwriting, revitalizing classics, and re-imagining contemporary pieces are her vessels for change. 

(L-R) Maddie Easley (Pocahontas); Irene Bedard (Narrator/Mother); Kara Morrison (playwright); Tara Moses (director); Asa Benally (costume designer)

Talkback for He'eo'o at the Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program

Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell on behalf of the City of Los Angeles presenting Tara with a Certificate of Recognition for her play Quantum