Tara Moses 

Theatre Artist


Don Juan

Written by Tara Moses with original text by José Zorilla

Directed by Tara Moses

Production Design by Tara Moses

Lighting Design by Anna Puhl


Living Arts of Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Photography by Amairani Perez

The True Story of Pocahontas

Written by Kara Morrison

Directed by Tara Moses

Costume Design by Asa Benally

Sound Design by Caleb Siler

Set Design by Scott Sargent

Serenbe Playhouse

Palmetto, GA

Photography by Casey Gardner Photography


Written and Directed by Tara Moses

Lighting Design by Amanda Levie

Costume Design by Iakowine Oakes

Scenic Design by Sonya Plenefisch

Sound Design by Eliza "Ellie" Cope

American Indian Artists, Inc. (AMERINDA)

Theater for the New City

New York, NY

Photography by Joe Velez

Courtesy of AMERINDA, INC.

Hamlet: El Príncipe de Denmark

by William Shakespeare

Translation by Editorial Porrúa

Adapted and Directed by Tara Moses

Production Design by Tara Moses

Lighting Design by Anna Puhl


Living Arts of Tulsa

Photography by Russell Mills

The Moon is My Neighbor 

By Shadia Dahal 

Directed and Designed by Tara Moses

Heller Theatre Company 

Nightingale Theater 

Photography by Tara Moses

As of today August 8th, there have been 9 school shootings in 2016 alone. 20 in 2015. 36 in 2014. 26 in 2013. 10 in 2012. 7 in 2011. 11 in 2010. But this is not a play about school shootings. This is a play about fear. The backdrop of an armed gunman on a campus is the inciting incident, but the spark that ignites the actions of these characters is fear. A fear that has manifested into an action against an "unknown".

Excerpt of the first rehearsal speech of Shelter

August 8, 2016

Day 2 of the workshop of Shelter pictured right

Moby Dick

Adapted and Directed by David Catlin
From the book by Herman Melville

Director Assistant: Tara Moses

Photography by Greg Mooney

Snow Child Reading

Adapted from the best-seller The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Book by John Strand

Music by Bob Banghart and Georgia Stitt

Lyrics by Georgia Stitt

Directed by Molly Smith

Assistant Director: Tara Moses

Medusa's Tale 
by Carol S. Lashof
Directed by Tara Moses
Sound Design by Tara Moses
Lighting Design by Mary Holliday
Costume Designer by Cody McCoy